There are plenty of choices when it comes to custom kitchen and bathroom design firms but, while some companies might quote a lower price, our superior design skills and an uncompromising dedication to integrity are unmatched in the industry.

We treat our clients with the same respect and care we offer to our own families and friends, and we want you fully understand how our custom design process works to meet your project expectations.

We offer our client convenient financing options available through a credit card issued by Synchrony Financial (formerly GE Capital). Financing is subject to credit approval, and minimum monthly payments are required. Details are available at the Kitchenscapes showroom. We reserve the right to discontinue or alter the terms of this offer at any time. 


Depending on the scope and needs of your project, our Designers will work with you on the following:

I.      Preliminary Planning and Pricing Phase

A.   Review our design process and establish the general scope of work, total budget, and time frame for your project.

B.    Schedule a site visit at the project location to:

1.    Field measure the existing conditions, including room dimensions, window and door locations, and sizes.

2.    Determine your design parameters including cabinet style and finish, accessories, counter top material, appliances, flooring, lighting, and other criteria that affect the project.

C.     Develop and present to you the initial design and project budget.

Note: The preliminary planning and design is performed at no cost or obligation. However, all designs are copyrighted and retained by Kitchenscapes, Inc. unless the design is purchased.

While the complexity of projects varies, the total time dedicated to the project in the Preliminary Planning and Pricing phase is typically limited to 10 hours.

II.     Design Development Phase

A.   Design development begins with a signed Design Agreement and deposit.

1.    The design deposit is 10% of the initial estimated cost of cabinets, countertops appliances, etc.

2.    All payments may be made by check or by electronic funds transfer using Kitchenscapes’ electronic payment portal. Credit card may be used with prior coordination with the Designer.

3.    While the design deposit is non-refundable, it will be fully applied to your project provided your purchase is made within six months.

4.    Design Development work will draw on your deposit at a discounted rate of $125.00/hr. (For example, a design deposit of $2500 would entitle you to 20 hours of design work.) Your design deposit also includes up to 2 free cabinet door samples.

B.    Our Designer will meet with you in person at our showroom, via online meetings and video conferencing, or at the project location to work on the project design.

C.   We will investigate different layouts and review finish and hardware options to make certain that each of the cabinets is placed and equipped exactly as desired.

D.   We will help select appliances, plumbing fixtures, flooring, tile, lighting and other finishes involved in your project.

E.    Detailed floor plans, elevations, and updated pricing will be presented once the final design concept is completed.

III.    Purchase, Production and Delivery

A.   Final designs and product selection are approved by the client.

B.    Purchase Agreements are signed for the cabinets and other products

1.    A materials deposit of 50% of the cabinetry project total is required before cabinetry production begins. The design deposit will be included in this amount.

2.    A 50% deposits for appliances, counter tops, and other products are made.

3.    Payments made for the production of your cabinets are non-refundable once the cabinet order has gone into production.

4.    Once the order has gone into production, changes to your original cabinet order are usually not possible.

a)   Changes will require an additional, paid in full, Purchase Agreement for the new cabinets.
b)   Changes will result in significant delays in your project.

C.   You will receive copies of the approved drawings, product selections and Purchase Agreements.

D.   You will be invoiced for the final payment on all outstanding balances on the day of delivery.

E. We will arrange delivery and be on site to receive the cabinets and other products purchased. You or an authorized representative must be on site to sign for the condition of the delivery and acknowledge receipt of all materials.  You will receive a receipt waiver document in the event that you or your authorized representative are not present at the delivery.

IV.     Installation Phase

A.   The Designer will meet with the installer or contractor to review the design and answer any questions regarding the installation.

B.    The Designer will work with the manufacturers to coordinate any warranty issues that arise during or after installation.

C.   If you purchased countertops from us the designer will work with the countertop manufacturer at template and prior to installation to assure that all details are covered.

Note: While Kitchenscapes often coordinates with independent contractors to install cabinetry, appliances, countertops, and hardware, we do not perform any installation work. We are typically able to expedite your installation work due to our past experience with these contractors. You are responsible for interviewing and selecting the contractors you will use for installation work.


We are available to assist with interior decorating, including the selection of additional products necessary to complete you project, outside of the scope of kitchen, bath, and cabinetry design for our clients at a rate of $125.00/hour.

Thank you for considering Kitchenscapes for your project.  We look forward to working with you!

Your Kitchenscapes Design Team