The Responsibility of Corporate Citizenship

Kitchenscapes in the Community

Kitchenscapes believes that being an active, contributing member of the local community is both a privilege and a responsibility. We are committed to serving the community as well as our clients. We pride ourselves on exhibiting a strong charitable nature through numerous contributions, employee volunteer efforts, and other forms of social stewardship.

Our social stewardship initiatives are focused on making contributions to various local organizations to enhance the lives of current and future generations. Through volunteerism and donations the company enriches lives in our community every day.

Kitchenscapes contributes to many worthy causes including the following:


FIRC is a nonprofit working with families and individuals in Summit County, Colorado, in the areas of emergency assistance and parenting.


LAPS is the primary local charity working to reduce pet overpopulation through spay and neuter programs. Other LAPS charity programs benefit the general welfare of companion animals whose low-income owners are in need of financial assistance with veterinary bills. 

National Repertory Orchestra

Through an intensive and unique fellowship program, the National Repertory Orchestra changes the lives of young musicians and enriches the lives of Colorado residents and visitors.